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Sleep Mask

Featured Product

Get the rest you deserve in this custom monogramed sleep mask handcrafted with white pin dot fabric and light pink thread. The back of this mask is soft satin. Sleep masks measure approx. 7” wide and are sized for ages 8 and up with a soft elastic band. Sold by Sleep Cottage. Click here for more info.

Olive and Indigo

Featured Vendor

Olive & Indigo: Unique, hand made eye catching jewelery that says a lot with little words. They started their journey to create a jewelry line with versatile pieces that can be worn with many different looks. They hope they can uplift by the idea that a simple gemstone or sparkle of gold can make someone smile. Click here to view all products.

Interesting Info

wibloo_sign_logoOur women in business market offers a community driven buying and selling experience for women just like you! Sell your handmade or vintage goods and supplies related to all things menopause. Shop for unique, one-of-a-kind items and support other women in the process. Read reviews, start a wish list and share your favorite things.

Menopause Glossary

Menopause Glossary

We have compiled a list of over 180 common terms associated with menopause. From Adipose Tissue to the Womb, we keep you informed about things you need to know. View the terms here.

Keep A Journal

Daily Journal

Keep a daily journal – or save a note for a particular day – via the calendar option in the app. You can even upload a photo or take a picture to add to your thoughts. For more info, click here.

Symptom Tracker

Symptom Tracker

We help you track 29 common symptoms on a daily basis associated with menopause. You can even email your practitioner a monthly chart of symptoms you’ve tracked. Click here for more info.

Additional Tools

Additional Tools

Additional tools have been added to the app, including a simplified menstruation tracker based on Period View, a weight tracker, and a blood pressure tracker. For more info, click here.

Free Menopause View™ Smart Phone App: Now Available For iOS!

Menopause View™ is a simple to use calendar-based tool designed to help you track symptoms, schedule medicine, and keep a daily journal. This app also has additional handy tools, including weight and blood pressure trackers and a lite version of our menstruation tracker Period View. The data collected from your input into the app is easily available – you can even email your symptoms to your practitioner for their review. It also comes with a glossary of over 100 key terms to help grow your menopause knowledge base. For more information on this app, click here or download it now in the following app stores:

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